Cute gift boxes diy

cute gift boxes diy

You can glue this triangle down, too, if youd like.
Cut out the shape and carefully score along the inside lines.
Step 15: Grab the two flaps.How to Make the Bottom of the Gift Box To make the bottom of the gift box, youll do all the same steps, but this time, youll first need to trim two of the adjacent sides 1/8 so that the gift box will be slightly.You can also glue or tape 2 pieces together for added thickness.How to Glue Paper to a Lamp Shade Make a DIY Journal Notebook With Scrapbook Paper Turn an Old Knife Block a gift of fire 5th edition pdf download Into a Crayon Holder 5 DIY Gifts You Can Make Today!Now youll turn in the sides and are left with this little flap.That was easy, right?
You know what kind of gifts are the best ones?
Next, youll wrap the edge over those pieces to cover them.Lately, Ive been a little obsessed with making different kinds of gift boxes.This is what it should look like when youre done both.Step 2: Measure your scrapbook paper (trim if needed).Turn right side out.I love my electronics, but some things are more precious than that).Fill up with some beautiful handmade wooden toys.Here are some ideas for things you can put in the DIY gift box: Candy Baked goods Jewelry Small toys for kids Goodie boxes for a kids party Left-overs to send friends and family home with (just line them with wax paper first).

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