Did nathan chen win gold

did nathan chen win gold

Period, end of subject.".
Brian BoitanoDavid Goldman/Associated Press/Associated Press "I'm watching the commentators, arcane legends free platinum promo code hack and they're like, 'Oh, he almost put his hand down on that quad flip says Boitano.
Hanyu was second at 206.17.But not all serious."If we all took away the quads, we wouldn't get the scores.Chen fell on one his quads, but still made history as the first man to cleanly land five quad jumps."There were a lot of guys who were attempting them, just to see belk gift with purchase if they could get all the way around, and we all knew that it was just a matter of time.And then stop it perfectly on one foot, going backwards.".
Jins scores:194.45 free, 297.77 overall Standings: Jin (China) 297.77 Chen (USA) 297.35 Zhou (USA) 276.69 Aliev (OAR) 267.51 Kolyada (OAR) 264.25 Rippon (USA) 259.36 Skaters remaining: 4 His triple axel looks good.But Chen still jumped - osaka gift card quite literally - from 17th to fifth.Fortunately, I have the enhanced feed up, so Im able to see Aliev nail his quad-triple and then wipe out most painfully on a quad toeloop.Nathan Chen posted a huge score in his free skate program.Oh my, that just looks easy.Nationals and then repeated that feat at this year's nationals in January, even though he had been sick the week before.Nathan Chen's ability to land multiple quads makes him a contender for Olympic gold.All three Americans will finish in the top.Yuzuru Hanyu's free skate.

And Javier Fernandez, who came into these Olympics with world titles and European titles but a 14th-place finish in 2010 and an agonizing fourth in 2014, caps his career with Olympic bronze.