Gifts for 2 month old baby girl india

I try to romantic diy christmas gifts for him do the "eat, then play, then sleep" cycle.
Then hop over and check out these highly recommended Corolle dolls for girls and for boys!
A good purchase, in my opinion.Here are a few basic things to keep in mind when looking for a great gift for babys first birthday: When it comes to play, one-year-olds are still in the sensorimotor stage of development.She wakes up between 8 and 9:30.m.You really have to be careful when giving one-year-olds musical instruments due to the potential choking or finger pinching hazards.Three naps during the day (morning, afternoon, and evening) is typical.However, push toys are great once baby is beginning to walk independently!Our picks are chock full of brain-building, toys.He gets a bath every night because he really relaxes in the water.So during the day I often ask my 3-year- old what she wants to do or where she wants.I don't pay much attention to the clock, just feed my kids when they're hungry.Additionally, the shapes are basic enough for beginners, there arent an overwhelming number of shapes, and you can flip one side open to release the shapes once theyve been placed inside.
I only use soap every other night, though.
I just let her nurse as long as she wants.
Try reading to your little one, giving your baby a massage or bath, or going for a stroller walk.My husband gets home around this time, and he will usually play with both kids while I clean up around the house, do dishes, and.Otherwise, we just play or snuggle while I watch.Schedule 3: A formula-feeding mom of a 2 - month - old Editor's note: This schedule is a combination (parent-led and baby -led) routine 7:30 to.m.: Wake.I feed him between 7:30 and.m.