Girl names that mean gift

girl names that mean gift

He was conceived after she swallowed a star that had fallen into her clearly ca promo code mouth while sleeping.
Some are more popular in recent years, others were more popular in the previous decades (hence send mobile gift card its prevalence among women of a certain age and others are simply fashionable modern names that are only now becoming popular.Affrica (Gael) pleasant, agreeable.Her death was considered to be one of the three great losses of the Tuatha.Areinh (A-reen Gael) pledge.Anglicized Ethna (ET-na Enya (EN-ya).Celach bright-headed; more commonly given to males.Ena from the Celtic word for fire.Ernine from iarn iron.Aideen variant of Etain.
Cuimhne an Otherworld woman who helped Morgan get his wife back from Brandubh, who kidnapped her.Her place of martyred death is marked by a monument in Gheel, Belgium, where she had fled for her life and virtue, as military luggage company promo code her own father (an Irish king, as the story goes) was determined to wed her, his own daughter, following the death.Úna (OO-nuh) derived from old word uan lamb; also listed as unity; ancient Irish name; the OCarroll family had a bean sidhe (banshee) with this name.Lile (LIL-ee Lilly, Lelia.Mhari (VAH-ri) Irish/Old Gaelic.But Art got past all obstacles and took her for his wife.Joshua, hebrew, god is my salvation.