How to make cookie gift boxes

Suggested Products: Sampler Treat Boxes.29, this white treat box is extra special.
But I find it harder to work with plus you can easily burn yourself with the hot caramel.Next, score a line all the way around both cards with a paper cutter 1 inch in from the edge.The sides, the front gorilla surplus coupon code and the back are the remaining elements.You will get 8 sets.Shopping at m is convenient, it's safe, and it's fast.This is because I needed a firmer texture for the sides of the box that can support the lid.
After you manage to glue the box together leave it for a few hours so that the icing can dry.
Cookie Policy, please wait.I have an only two ingredient royal icing recipe that only uses egg whites and powdered sugar.Suggested Products: White Rectangle Treat Boxes with Window.29, these cookie boxes are a rectangle shape.We feature grease resistant cookie boxes with windows to show off your cookies.You can stack the cookies on the plates inside the clear bags that measure 3-3/4" x 12".I find that adults don't eat them because they find it too pretty but children have no problem and eat it in a few minutes.This red cookie gift box measures 8-1/2" x 5-3/8" x 2" and you get one box per order.An intermediate level technique.They have a window on the top to show off your cookies and treats.Clear Mini Plate Cookie Favor Kit.99, this cookie favor kit has 8 mini silver plates that measure 3-1/2".

Decorating, you can decorate the box as you like it: Geometrical shapes - the easiest and the fastest method, but the result is not that stunning.