I lost my gift card can i track it

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M operates a message board where you can arrange to swap cards bigfoot gag gifts with other registered users at your own risk.In the event you lose the card, you can simply call the retailer or restaurant customer service line and they can access your account balance via the activation receipt.Try these ideas: Sell the card.The original card will be canceled and a new one reissued No, except as required by law Home Depot Yes, with receipt Call or visit the store nearest you No, except as required by law Chart data accurate as of Dec.Do you know of a change?If she doesnt have it, contact the store where the card was purchased.If your card is lost or stolen, most retailers are sympathetic, but only if you can prove that you actually purchased, or were gifted, the card.Your receipt is proof that the card is paid for and belongs to you.If the card did allow you to register it, youre a bit safer, but again, thats not common.Many retailers give options, but hold onto those receipts.
It's often overlooked because the gift card giver doesn't always include the receipt with the card.
GameStop, one of the most popular video game and game equipment retailers in the country, has a strict No Replacement policy, except where the law prohibits.Write See related: Gift cards: What to do when a retailer files for bankruptcy, Discounts: 8 ways to save on gift cards, Buying gift cards with credit cards gets easier Three most recent Emerging payment systems: Prepaid, debit, gift cards stories: Are mobile card readers.In the end, my "free" burrito ended up costing me cash, as my gift card was permanently misplaced.Its a bit more difficult to know if a digital gift card has been stolen until its used, and losing one usually mean the information has been deleted by you or someone else.By doing just a little bit of work to protect yourself, you'll never be stuck buying a burrito again after you were sure it would be free.Best Buy are two other retailers that transfer the remaining balance to a new card if youve got a receipt.If you didn't save the card number one of those three ways when you received it, you may be out of luck.".

Some stores treat gift cards the same as any other purchase, and let you return it under the same policy as any other merchandise.
Walmart No Wal-Mart does not have liability to customers for lost or stolen cards.
Safeguard your card from fraud.