Ideas for summer fun gift basket

ideas for summer fun gift basket

Favorite Treats Basket for Teens I made this as a Valentine Gift for my teenage son this year but it is totally perfect for sleepovers, summer camp sendoffs, or any kind of occasion!
I created this easy Summer Party Gift Basket for just that occasion.
Image credit: Best Bundles.Add a couple packs of diapers and wipes these are always appreciated to best poetry contests fill in the middle of the basket. Start with a tote bag because new moms and busy moms are both going to be toting stuff everywhere, all the time.Maxx, the dollar store, yard sales or thrift stores for inexpensive options). (I love getting these magazines it helps you focus on the fun/creative parts of being a mom when youre feeling dragged down by the not-so-fun moments) I put lots of stuff in this one because it lends itself well to a group gift for.Throw in a book or magazine too if your teen likes to read while relaxing near the water.Fill with fun gadgets like a cookie dough scoop, magnetic measuring spoons, or a set of cake decorating supplies. This little basket below was the perfect size for coffee, scoop and a lsugar jar. You may also want to include a mason-jar filled with granola, nuts, or a ready-to-bake muffin mix. Soften it with a vintagey towel, or pot holders.
There are many ways to create a personalized gift basket. It will be useful for mom either for babys laundry, or to store toys.Inexpensive Dollar Store toys like bats balls, kites, etc.Start with a thoughtful container that could double as a countertop basket to hold all their coffee supplies.Choose either a basket that is practical for gardening, or a large watering can or terra cotta pot.