Iphone prize scam

After clicking on one of the blue tabs above, I was asked two more questions about my experience on Google.
Before participating in jump heaven discount codes giveaways on the Internet or clicking on pop-up messages that encourage you to win something, make sure to check the websites URL in the browser address bar carefully and ensure that the giveaway is actually run by the company mentioned in the.ZeroFOX has found a number of attacks that offer a 'giveaway' of a new iPhone which encourage users to click on an infected link and submit their personal details.HOW TO keep safe, zeroFOX recommends users to be extremely vigilant - especially at this time of year.Was I part of a genuine contest ran by the device manufacturer or any trusted organization?This took me to the billing page.So, when it comes to tempting deals/offers on the Internet, do not let your excitement cloud your logic.I decided to press on and check how lucky.Some attacks also promised users a free iPhone to click on a URL and download software that contains malware.
These websites are in no way related to the companies mentioned, including ours.
Internet security companies have already identified the brand of malware attacking Android device.Protect your computer with an antivirus that offers layers of protection blocks infected and fake websites, prevents unwanted downloads and blocks malware.Unfortunately, this is a scam.Fakeyouwon virus has been added to the list of known threats anti-malware programs now look for.International online transactions, however, are not OTP protected.When you encounter a pop-up like this, or the classic virus detected on iPhone, immediately close out of Safari.