Itunes gift card barcode

To redeem an available balance using the app, press "Redeem" on the Rewards tab and have the cashier scan your QR code.
No, all remaining balance will return to your app account.Simply log in to your account on the website, click 'Redeem Rewards enter the amount you'd like to use, hays travel gift vouchers and click "Redeem".Send us a picture of your full receipt via the 'Help' feature in the app or by emailing directly.Any available balance will be applied toward your purchase.Rewards are automatically earned every time you hit 100 points. .If you have earned 100 Rewards Points or more, your Rewards Points will be banked and will not expire. .To redeem an offer using the website, click "Offers select the offer you'd like to use from the drop-down menu, and click "Redeem". .
The stars also take a long time to be reflected in the app sometimes over 24 hours and this is true to the challenges as well.
Any unused portion will go back into your account.
You can redeem multiple My Rio Rewards coupons or offers in a single transaction, unless stated otherwise.When we send you specific offers (free drink, bogo, 5 credit, etc.) however, those will expire.You can also add your phone number to your account so the cashier can look up your account right at the register and redeem your rewards.Still a disconnection from the app and the stores!I did a challenge 2 days in a row and waited for the first day to populate, the next day I had the exact order and still didn't have the challenge updated and when I mentioned it to the manager at the time she literally.It's easy peasy, amigo!I would also like to see my actual listed so if any reason I don't get the correct stars or challenge it can be mitigated.Every 100 points will automatically convert to a 10 redeemable reward. .

I feel like I have done my side purchasing the items for challenge but then getting ripped off by not getting any of those stars and then since I didn't take a receipt I have no proof that is what I actually purchased and stars.
It also seems to be an issue when I order in person and tell them I need to load the app and then they entered the order to the register then they can't load mid transaction and that if they delete the order they don't.