Progressive low mileage discount

I jumped out and grabbed my fire extinguisher out of my roadside kit.
Hope this helps everyone and don't have to cooks illustrated gift order deal with all the can you redeem an apple gift card on itunes stress I dealt with before finding this Merri.Thanks, Progressive, for getting me to put this untested junk in my car.Said 1569 days ago My car ran great until I plugged in that snapshot device.Said 546 days ago Ever since I started using snap shot in my Jeep I have had nothing but problems.It does now thanks to snapshot!Said 1237 days ago I recently signed up for progressive insurance about a month ago and requested the snapshot discount device.It's not going away and the car is brand new.
Fourth of July weekend and I'm upset.
Said 1717 days ago I have a 2002 Ford E350 Diesel Van and the Snapshot device fried out the various electrical components in my ice!I went through this for two how do i join e rewards days and today I pulled the snapshot device and everything went back to normal 100.(I drive very little or it probably would have required more.) Every possible part was checked from the starter, alternator, battery cables, every fuse imaginable, all the modules checked including the body control module etc etc.DO NOT USE this Deborah.I received confirmation by email that it was being read that very evening.I would like to be included in this Lawsuit because after the third time my battery drained, It now needs to be raplaced and my car has less than 5K miles!