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Presents of gold and silver can be for children, grandchildren, Mother's day, Valentine's day, or even as corporate gifts for the child tax vouchers calculator office.
Phineas decides to trust Isabella to deliver the disc to R2-D2 despite Isabella warning him that she's not coming back.
During the song "In The Empire" the Geonosis background with Federation starships was seen Darthenshmirtz has a portrait with a purple lightsaber in the backround that is online gift delivery in chennai similar to Mace Windu's purple lightsaber that was used in the Battle of Geonosis.
She angrily asks what they are doing, and strictly tells them not to touch her ship.In the concept art of the Cantina, Meap was shown as one of the customers.Complicating matters, Candace - the boys' sister - has a Stormtrooper-like intent on "busting rebels" who chase Phineas and Ferb across the galaxy in hopes of retrieving the Death Star plans.21 Cast Danny Jacob as Ferb's rapping voice on "Tatooine" ( Uncredited ) Caroline Rhea as Mom Richard O'Brien as Dad, Additional Voices Dan Povenmire as Darthenshmirtz, Imperial Officer Dan, Dan Povenmire 22, "My watermelon!Of course, Baljeet and Buford miss, and the three of them barely escape alive as Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella just manage to head into the ship and speed away.Phineas mentions that he was never reunited with his sister, who left the family behind on Tatooine when he was a baby.Their multi-lightsabers now also have motors to make them spin around." " The Monster of Phineas-n-Ferbenstein " " Oil on Candace " " Out of Toon " " Hail Doofania!Buford interrupts them with a missed shot and accidentally shoots a Stormtrooper, sending the man falling right through the bottom of the Death Star.
Groucho Marx - When Darthenshmirtz sings "He now will say, 'I'm blown away!Candace approaches small outdoor gifts her commander and the commander lets slip that the Death Star plans are missing.In a scene where Perry is still in carbonite, the heat detector is alarming, and it melts.The Wookiee is right Chewbacca : (whimpers and growls) Han : (sighs) Maybe you're right.Episode Summary, act I, a couple of summers ago in a galaxy far, far away.