Win 2 camaros

win 2 camaros

I looked at the wires going into the box and they matched colors of the 3 going into the drivers side PW switch.
I am going to start with 265/35-19s on my Forgestars, go today promo code but will also be experimenting with 265 275 18's.
Shocks may be upgraded but not springs, and they are limited to two adjustments.Unfortunately no such language is in the Chevy FSM, so from what I understand we are limited to the adjustment ranges in the factory hardware.NO cost TO ME, an Excellent deal I would say.RS Package cars can use 19 or 20" wheels.5" width with offset ranging from 18-32mm.Tires must be 200 treadwear, otherwise there is no size limit.A little background on me, I've been autocrossing almost 25 years in Northern CA, and have owned/driven too many car to count.Sweepstakes / 29 Comments, do you feel the need for speed?So far all I have done is order the wheels, next up will be a competition alignment and then it's maiden voyage in January with the first National event in March at the San Diego Match Tour!Just click the highlighted link to enter.
Over my left shoulder against the firewall there is a black box, the size of 2 of the big packs of big red gum put side by side.One sway bar may be changed, front OR rear, your choice but not both.I will get pics asap.For the Mustang this was awesome as the FSM called out for slotting of the lower strut mount bolt holes to compensate for crash damage.The box has a small plastic clip on the back that pushes/pulls in/out of the firewall.