Yankee swap gift ideas 2011

yankee swap gift ideas 2011

A little live holiday plant.
Coffee mug, bag of coffee.A similar idea would be 15 fishon energy discount code coffee-shop gift card.Every year our family does a Yankee swap to saves ourselves money.Also see, yankee Swap Gift Ideas, Post.We'll see how I make out-hopefully my gift won't get shunned for being too practical!The whole thing is very unfair.The Good Mother Myth: Redefining Motherhood to Fit Reality.Metropolitan Museum of Art one for the past harrods estee lauder gift two years and have been very happy with.Im not sure any Yankee Swap is complete without the white elephant itemideally something that can be brought back year after year.People can steal, swap or whichever.
The third person picks any gift, unwraps it, and can either hang onto it or swap with either of the other two opened gifts.
Here are some of my ideas so far:.I was wondering if any of you had Yankee Swap experience and could recommend Hot Ticket items.But perhaps the idea is too much practical and too little fun.Christmas nail polish setsomething with sparkles and/or art pens.Most of us have at least one daughter, too.